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Solid V Wheel

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Solid V Wheel is a open source design by OpenBuilds. Solid V Wheel are strong wheel that resists deflection due to it’s solid nature. Solid V Wheel are good for. For builds where heavier loads are required and less compression in the delrin is desired. Many of these wheels could be added to a gantry to allow an even distribution of the load across them. Improved performance of the belt and pinion system to give the belt a flat surface to ride on.

V Slot

Published on in Series V Slots and V Wheels

V-SLOT is a high quality extruded aluminum profile building block that has an extremely smooth linear v groove rail on all 4 sides. It’s precise, easy to work with and allows you unlimited design control through it’s modular nature. For projects and build inspiration with Solid V Wheel and V Slot checkout http://openbuilds.com . Specification Parameter Value OD 23.90 ID 16 Thick 10.