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Drifting of print in 3D printers and RepRaps

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Here are the some of the most common reasaon why 3D Prints are drifting MOTOR BELT OR PULLEY: First thing you need to check is motor pulley. it may be slipping from time to time. You could mark your motor axis and your pulley so it’s easier to identify a slipping pulley. LOSE BELT: Make sure the belt is not too lose, so it slips. ENDSTOPS/LIMIT SWITCH FAULTY: Does the limit switchs are hit during print.

List of 3D Printing Software

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Here is the list of the most popular software for 3dprinters Name Purpose Repetier Host 3D Printer Controller Software MeshMixer 3D Model Editor Slic3r Slicer Cura Slicer KISSlicer Keep It Simple Slicer Marlin Firmware RepRapWeb Web Based 3D Printer Controller OctoPrint Web Based 3D Printer Controller Calculator Prusa Printers Setting Calculator for RepRap and 3D Printers Repetier Firmware Firmware Disclaimer: The sites and services listed in this pages is for information only, user has to do their own evaluation before dealing with any of the service provider listed here.

How stepper motor works

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A stepper motor is nothing but a special DC, So Understanding DC motors Construction and working will help us understand the Stepper Motor. DC Motor Typical DC motors use a permanent magnet in stator and a electromagnet (electrical coil) as rotor. The armature experiences a force described by the left hand rule. The current flows in the coil causes it to becomes electro magnet (its field runs from its north to south poles).