Configuring Matter Control for WoodMAX i3 /Prusa i3

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In this post we will see how to configure the Matter Control software for WoodMAX i3 (Prusa i3). This steps will work for any RepRap based 3d printer, with little change in some settings.

Matter Control has very nice adaptive UI and comes with 3 slicing engines (Matter Control, Slic3r and Cura). It will adapt to your display size. you can download Matter Control from The site also has detailed document on how to use matter control software.

Step 1: Add Printer

Once you start the software, you should see similar UI, Click the Add Printer button

Click the Add Printer button

Printer name

Here enter the printer name, and for make and model select Other as option.

Enter a name for the printer - as you wish

Baud Rate Settings

WoodMAX i3 baud rate is 250000, select and click continue.

Select 250000 as baud rate

Printer Auto detection

Matter Control can auto detect the printer and rest of the settings, follow the wizard and do what it ask to do.

Select Auto Detect

Click done to complete the setup

Connect to the printer

Now you can connect to the printer, Once connected it will display the status as connected, also display the temperature of heat bed and extruder.

To disconnect the printer, use disconnect button

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