Installing Marlin firmware in WoodMAXi3

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Warning: Do not turn on SMPS Power supply till Step: Powering Up

Marlin Overview

Marlin is an open source software which understands GCode and controls the 3D Printer hardware. Marlin will run inside Arduino Mega 2560.

If you want to use the latest marlin source and build it your self, then refer guide Building Marlin (For Advanced Maker)

#Programming Arduino ##Step 1: Download firmware and the tool

Xloader is the tool for programming firmware(hex files) into Arduino board, you can download it from or from our archive

We have precompiled the Marlin firmware for WoodMAXi3, you can download it:

Then unzip both files.

##Step 2: Upload the firmware

Start the Xloader application with Administrative permission (in windows)

Xloader App

Browse and select the Marlin.hex file (Marlin.hex is inside and click upload

Wait till firmware is uploaded.

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