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Is there a heated bed included?


Size coupler for Z-axis?

The coupling is basically a plastic tube - So check for a plastic tube

You can also use 5mm/5mm Flexible Aluminum coupler (optional)

  • Plastic tube as coupler should be ok for most cases if you find it not good, you can upgrade it using 5mm/5mm coupler anytime

Is the GT2 timing belt of 2 meters sufficient for the build?

You will have some leftover after building the kit.

Do you provide some sample quantity of PLA in the kit?

Yes, 4 meter length of 1.75mm PLA filament

What firmware is used ?


Note: firmware is not pre-loaded

What are the hotends compatible with aSensar Extruder ?

aSensar Extruder is designed to be compatible with JHead, so you can use any hotend that is JHead compatible. Here are the few popular hoted JHead, E3D Hotend, RRI Hotend

X/Y axis bearings are not moving

You have overtightened the nut/bot which holds the bearing, so loosen it till it is freely turns

Black dust from Wooden Frames make my hand and my table cover black

These fine black ash dust’s are due to laser cut. High quality woods uses more resins for strength and life, these resins burns during laser cutting which creates small black dusts. (low end plywoods don’t bust but they will break during assembly)

Why not use Metal Frames

Our first designs were made of metal, but very high in cost and weight. So we redesigned it with wood to be affordable for every Indian.

Couldn’t find answer for your question, leave it on the comments. we will include it in FAQ

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