Bill of Materials for WoodMAXi3 3D Printer

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Below are least things needed to assemble a complete printer.

Product Quantity
Laser cut parts of WoodMAX i3 (complete set) 1
SolidCube Direct Driver Extruder (Or you can use any other Prusai3 compatible extruder) 1
Jhead Improved 1.75mm (You can use any hotend of your choice) 1
28 N-cm Stepper Motor 2
44 N-cm Stepper Motor 3
RAMPS 1.4 1
Mega 2560 1
Step Stick 4
Limit Switch with Wire 3
Power supply 300 W or more 1
GT2 Belt (in meter) 2
GT2 Pulley 2
Bering 625z 3
LM8UU 10
8mm Smooth Rod 370mm 2
8mm Smooth Rod 350mm 2
8mm Smooth Rod 320mm 2
Threaded rod M5 x 300 mm 2
M3 _8 Bolt 16
M3_ 10 Bolt 5
M3 _12 Bolt 1
M3_ 25 Bolt 2
M3 _35 Bolt 6
M4_ 20 Bolt 17
M4 _25 Bolt 27
M4_ 40 Bolt 3
M3 nut 12
M4 nut 50
M5 nut 2
Spring L20,ID8,OD10 (for print bed mounting) 4
Cable Tie 2.2 mm 1
Spiral Slew (in meter) 1.5
Plastic Tube (10cm) use as Z coupling 1

You will also need some more parts like need wires, allen key, tools, etc..

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