Thing to do Before 3D Printing

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So now you kit is assembled, and you are ready to start 3D Printing, but before 3D Printing we need to do some fine tuning. Lets see them here one by one.

Preparing Printbed

The Printbed is not perfectly flat, so you will need a glass that you can put on top of Printbed. For WoodMAX i3 and Prusa i3 use glass in size of 3 mm thick 21cm x 22 cm

You can use kapton tape or binder clips to mount the glass on top of heat bed. Here is how you can easily install the Kapton tape on glass.

Levelling Print Bed

The key to great results is to level your print bed. “Bed levelling” is probably not the best name for the process, as what you’re doing is actually aligning the bed’s surface to the X and Y axis of your printer.

Bed levelling is done by adjustable z-endstop and levelling thumbscrews of print bed

Also check this guide on :

Note: Don’t try and use a spirit level for this!

Concept to 3D Print

So you are ready for 3D Printing a part, here is the workflow of concept to 3D print into video got give you basic idea about 3D printing.

Slicer and Host controller

Slicer and Host Controller are generally two software, Slicer is the one which converts the 3d object file (stl) into commands (gcodes) that is understandable by the 3d printer. Where Host controller sends the gcodes (commands) to the 3d printer. As a beginner we suggest you to start with Repetier Host or Mattercontrol, both integrates Host controller and Slicer software in a single package + easy to use and has extensive documentation on every settings.

Here is a short guide on how to use the Repetier Host + Slc3r

Calibrate 3D Printer Extruder

Repairing/Fixing STL files

Sometimes the stl 3d model files exported by your design software will be broken, you can fix it using Netfabb.

Follow below guide to get your stl file fixed.

Don’t have time to download and install Netfabb, then use on-line cloud based Netfabb - you will need Microsoft account for using this cloud service

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