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V-SLOT is a high quality extruded aluminum profile building block that has an extremely smooth linear v groove rail on all 4 sides. It’s precise, easy to work with and allows you unlimited design control through it’s modular nature.

For projects and build inspiration with Solid V Wheel and V Slot checkout http://openbuilds.com .


Parameter Value
OD 23.90
ID 16
Thick 10.23
Material Delrin
Color Black

Daemons and Drawing

CAD Models and Drawings can be found here .

Components needed

To assemble a full wheel you need below components

Product Qty
Solid V Wheel 1
Ball Bearings - 625 RS 2
Precision Shims 2

NOTE: Precision Shims dimension 5mm x 10mm x 1mm (ID x OD x Thick)

Assembled Solid V Wheel

Solid V Wheel Section

Here is the cross section of the Solid V Wheel Assembly

Solid V Wheel Section

Adding to above, you need below components too

Product Qty
M5 Nylon Lock Nut 1
M5 Bolt 1
Eccentric or Aluminium Spacer 1

How to assemble

Note: Assembling V Wheel and Solid V Wheel are similar

Do’s and Don’ts

  • DO Lubricate the Delrin wheels with Silicone lubricants for smooth performance
  • DO NOT over tight the nlock nut.
  • DO Lubricate the bearings if needed for smooth operation
  • DO Place the Precision Shim between the two Bearings to avoid binding!

This article is part of V Slots and V Wheels series.

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