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Metal Film vs Carbon Film vs Wirewound Resistors

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Resistor, its a general term, but there are many types, not all are same and equal. In this article we try to explain you the difference between most used resistor type, and when and how to choose any one type. You can be hobbyist or professional, but selecting the right type of resistor is very critical for stability and performance, lets explain the types, characteristics and differences between the resistor types in simple laymen terms.

8 Top File Formats for sharing 3D and 2D CAD Designs

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Each software has its own file formats, but the every one uses different software due to many reason, like cost, feature, etc. You may want to share your 3D/2D CAD designs with your customer or friend which can be further modified or with a fab house for prototyping/manufacturing. In this case both your software and the recipient’s software should understand the file format. This is where Neutral File Formats comes into play, here we will discuss about the best native file formats to use.

Dummies Guide To Miniature Radial Ball Bearings And Their Types

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In this article we will see in details about the roller/radial bearings, and its types and dimensions. Parts in Bearing ##Seals and Shields To help retain bearing lubrication and prevent contamination from the environment a seal (contact) or shield (non-contact) can be employed. Often no seal (Open) is required when the bearing will be housed and externally lubricated or when operated in a vacuum. Seal Identification Type Symbol Properties Cost Description Shield Z They have fair dust resistance and poor water resistance.