[Solved] Arduino not getting detected USB2.0-Serial issue

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There are two reasons why you Arduino Clone board is not working

  • A fake FTDI chip is used in your device
  • CH340G USB to serial chip is used your device instead of FTDI

When fake FTDI chip used

There reason is here because latest Windows driver for FTDI chip that stopped working with cloned FTDI chip, this turned all those fake FTDI chips are at risk of being bricked.

As reported in hackady.com, you need to change the PID of the fake chip using FT232 config tool and never use the new driver on a modern Windows OS.

When CH340G chip used

In windows manager you will see the Arduino device detected as USB2.0-Serial, refer below screen shot.

Arduino not getting detected, USB2.0-Serial issue

Since FTDI driver stopped working with the fake FTDI chip, the cheap clone stopped using FTDI chips, and switched to the CH340G USB to serial chip [this is good, when compared to using fake FDTI chips].

Windows OS

Download and install the driver for CH340G from here


For MAC OS user follow the instruction here

Here are more online refrence

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