RRI Hotend for 3D Printers

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An atempt to design low cost, made in India hotend that works with ideas derived several open source desings

RRI Hotend

RRI hotend is oneof the successful hotend desing from aSensar, the project is release as open source hardware. The hotend is made of PEEK and PTFE as isolator, brass material for nozzle and barrel.


  • Desinged to be compatible with extruders desinged for JHead and E3d Hotends
  • Select nozzles of your choice 0.3, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 or make your own
  • Desinged with for easy manufacturing in mind for economical production
  • Works perfectly with PLA and ABS
  • Temperature: PLA:180-190C, ABS:200-220C, MAX:230 C

Desing and Drawings

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