Jhead Improved Hotend

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This is a imporved version of proven Open Source Hotend JHead

Jhead Improved Hotend


  • 100% Compatible with Jhead Hotends
  • Select nozzles of your choice 0.3, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 or make your own
  • Improved thermistor mounting, for easy and error free
  • Works with Direct drive and Bowden Extruders
  • Redesigned with for easy manufacturing in mind for economical production
  • Default: 1.75mm filaments, Use 3mm filaments with minimum modification
  • Works perfectly with PLA and ABS, PLA:180-190C, ABS:200-220C, MAX:230 C

Dimension and Specification

Jhead Hotend

JHead Improved Dimension


JHead Improved Dimension

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