How to reduce 3D printing time and material

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Unlike 2D printing 3D Printing is a time consuming. A slicer can be configured in such a way that it will fill less in each layer, thus speeding up the print and using less filament. In this article we will see how to speed up thing when using Slic3r for slicing.

Fill density

Fill density under Infill is the one which controls the layers density.

Settings in Sli3r

Value Range: This value range for Fill density is 0.1 to 1.

Fill density = 0.1

Fill density of 0.1, Less fill

Fill density of 0.1

Fill density = 0.4

Fill density of 0.4, Denser fill

Fill density of 0.4

Fill density = 1

Fill density of 1, Solid fill

Fill density of 1

Hope you can now reduce 3d printing time and material, let us know your comment.

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