3D Printer Extruder Troubleshooting Guide

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In this guide we will list down the most commonly known issue with extruder and their solutions.

Extruder Skipping Steps

Extruder starts skipping steps or tick tick sound comes from extruder, then try one of this to solve the issue.

Check #1: If this issue occurs only in the first layer few layers?

Solution: Hotend Nozzle very close to the print bed, offset 0.1 mm or more

Check #2: Check the hotend temperature

Solution: Hotend temperature too low, try increasing hotend temperature.

Check #3: Tune the Extruder motor

Solution: Too high or too low current to extruder motor, tune the current extruder motor

Check #4: Clogged nozzle effect

Solution: Clean the nozzle and try again

Check #5: New Filament spool

Solution: Not every filament are accurate in size, new filament spool may be slightly oversized filament. Recalibrate the extruder

Check #6: Extruding too fast

Solution: Check the extruding feed rate, try lowering the speed.

Extruder makes a clicking or tack-tack sound

The extruder makes a clicking or tack-tack sound (trying to push filament) but filament not coming trough the extruder

  1. Filament temp set too low
  2. Screw too tight/loose that puts pressure on Hobbed pulley
  3. Filament diameter too large in spots causing intermittent issues
  4. Filament guide is needed to assist feed(before and after Hobbed pulley)
  5. low current to extruder motor(adjust the pot on the board)
  6. Motor is starting to fail.(clicking even though the pot is adjusted)
  7. Nozzle tip is too close to the bed(poor bed levelling causes initial clicking)
  8. Poor grade of filament material or moisture absorption.
  9. g-code possibly set up incorrectly

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