List of DIY Open Source 3D Scanner Project

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Here is the list of the most popular open source DIY 3D Scanner project, choosing any one of this project you will be able to build a complete functional 3D Scanner at your own.


Ciclop is a Open Source DIY 3D scanner kit. This project has been developed under the RepRap community philosophy: machines that can be made using 3D printers. For this reason, most of the pieces included in the structure are 3D-printable and many of the vitamins are shared with other open designs such as the Prusa i3 Hephestos2.

# Bill of Material
1 3D Printed Parts
2 Fasteners
3 Stepper Motor
4 ZUM SCAN shield for Arduino UNO board
5 Red Line Laser
6 USB Camera

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FabScan is an open source 3D laser scanner. The project started at FabLab Aachen in 2010 FabScanPi is the next generation of FabScan. A Raspberry Pi 2 and a Raspberry Pi camera module is used to make the FabScan a stand-alone and web-enabled 3D Scanner.

# Bill of Material
1 Laser Cut Parts
2 3D Printed Part
3 Stepper Motor
4 FabScan Sheid
5 Raspberry Pi
6 RaspberryPi Camera
7 Step Stick
8 Arduino/Genuino UNO
9 Fasteners
10 Power Supply
11 Red Line Laser Module

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FreeLSS is an open source design that uses Raspberry Pi. The scanning software runs self-contained on the Raspberry Pi without the need for a connected computer via USB. The user interface is completely web based and is exposed via libmicrohttpd on the Pi. Laser sensing is performed via the official 5 MP Raspberry Pi camera. The camera can be operated in either video or still mode. Video mode camera access is provided by the Raspicam library. Reference designs for the electronics to control the lasers and turn table are available as Fritzing files. Access to the GPIO pins are provided by wiringPi.

# Bill of Material
1 Laser Cut/3D Printed Parts
2 Fasteners
3 Stepper Motor
4 Raspberry Pi
5 RaspberryPi Camera
6 Red Line Laser
7 Step Stick

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Other 3D Scanner Projects

Here are some more 3d scanner projects

If you are owning a Microsoft Kinect or Asus Xtion, you can use below softwares to 3D scan.

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