ABS 3D Printing Adhesion tips and tricks

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If you are trying to 3D print ABS, you may be face problem of 3d print adhesion to the print bed, ABS wont stick easily like PLA filament, In this article we will list solution to the ABS printing problem from different source. This tips are not just for ABS, it should apply to any high temperature filaments.

3D Printer Calibration

  • Level the print bed : Need not to say thing, even for PLA you need to keep the print-bed levelled for good adhesion. Also keep the print surface clean using Alcohol or Acetone.
  • Calibrate Extruder : Every time when the filament spool is changed, don’t forget to calibrate the extruder. Every filament is unique, even if its from the same manufacture. The character of filaments may vary based on the colour, raw material, production batch and storage environment
  • Hotend temperature : Find the best temperature for the filament spool you have loaded by trial and error method, some manufacture give reference temperature. For starting with ABS use 220C for Extruder and 100C for Heat Bed also keep the First layer height 0.2mm
  • PID Tuning : For consistence performance of extruder and heatbed do PID tuning. Follow below vide on how to run PID tuning.

Environment factors

Environment temperature play a key role in 3D Printing ABS or any high temperature material, If you are living in the colder zone or you printer is near a fan or window which cools down the 3d printed object, then you may need to consider building a chamber/enclosure for your 3d printer.

  • AC and Fan’s OFF : Fan’s directly blowing on the printed object can make the print cold which will also come out from the print bed, so keep the Fan’s OFF
  • **Preheating Heatbed :**After turn on the heatbed let it sit for at least 15 minutes so the surrounding air get warmer
  • Heatbed on throughout the printing : Make sure it will continually heating without turning off. If it turns off, then there is a chance the ABS may cool causing warping

Filament Quality

  • Filament Quality : What you get is what you pay for, So avoid cheap filaments.
  • Baking the filament : The only other problem you might have that’s causing it not to stick is ABS is full of moisture and you need to bake it to drive the water out. Going hotter is not going to help. it is stickier at the middle range of the recommended temperature.

Printbed Adhesion

  • Kapton tape : Kapton tape may improve print adhesion to the surface
  • Big Raft : Printing a big raft extruded ABS on glass seems to remove some of the oil or contamination on the glass, and after several passes, it might stick
  • ABS slurry or ABS Juice : Just get some standard 100% Acetone and dissolve some scrap ABS in a container. Once it’s milky in consistency, you can brush onto bed with a paint brush, even while it’s hot.
  • Hair Spray : There are some success stories on Hair Spray, Try printing directly to glass using just hairspray and heated bed.
  • Super Glue : On a cold bed ABS can be printed on masking tape by putting a thin layer of super-glue (cyanoacrylate) on the tape before printing. Warning: Super Glue is health hazard if you turn on the hot bed, The gas emitted from the hot bed will cause a burning sensation in your eyes. also the super glue works too well and is hard to take the parts out. Don’t forget Kapton tape, You can tear off Kapton tape when removing parts
  • FR4 Material : FR4 is a very good print surface, its the stuff the PCB is made from, other than copper of course. Note: FR4 tends to leave a skin on the bottom of the object.
  • Glue stick : Try Glue Stick on top of the glass with heated-bed.
  • Corn Syrup : Prepare a corn syrup by with water and corn flour, then apply the corn syrup with corn syrup watered down and brush it on the bed just before printing. literally it is still drying as the extruder is making the first loop! You do not want a nice clear smooth coating rather a bumpy one. Once your print is completed you just let it cool and it will crack loose from the bed. You can also just wet it again with water to get it to stick again for the next print. Corn syrup watered down and it gets sticky when it is cold and absorbs moisture.
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